What We Do

We are an e-commerce agency based in Bangkok. Our team builds partnerships with brands, retailers and distributors to implement strategy and operations for e-commerce businesses.

Silken Asia is powered by MOST 2414


E-commerce Strategy

Our team will analyze the feasibility, strategic plan, and growth investment for your e-commerce business.

By providing guided entry into Thailand online market, you will gain insights on which channels and operations are best for your products to reach your target audience.

Platforms and technologies are fast-moving and ever-changing and your team needs to be consistently up to date. We’ll support you by offering training and advice on trends and tools available in the market.

Store Operations

Silken Asia by MOST 2414 provides solutions to set up, design, and manage e-stores on marketplaces, social commerce, or proprietary websites.

The business model we adopt is based on third-party partnerships for fulfillment, delivery, and customer service. 

We offer Channel Management, Content & Catalog Management, Store Design, SEO, Customer Service (chat, social media, email, BOT), Fulfillment Support, and Revenue, Traffic & Chat Dashboard Reports.

Integrated Marketing

In addition to online store management services, we also offer our digital marketing services; search engine marketing, content marketing, email marketing, digital-first advertising, and social media ads to enhance the performance of your stores and to boost online revenue growth.

Our offer includes Campaign and Promotion Management on marketplace platforms and Traffic Acquisition and Online Performance Campaigns. Discover more about our Digital Marketing services here.