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E-commerce Enabler & Marketing Provider for Brands, Distributors and Retailers

SILKEN Asia is an e-commerce enabler agency operating in Thailand. We build partnerships with local and international clients developing e-commerce strategy, operations and digital marketing.

The goal of SILKEN Asia is to enable brands, retailers and distributors to move into the fast-changing e-commerce industry, and get engaged with online consumers leveraging awareness and sale conversions.

Our parent company is MOST 2414, a Bangkok-based digital marketing agency.

e-commerce enabler thailand silken asia most 2414
e-commerce enabler thailand silken asia

As e-commerce enabler agency, our mission is to support brands in defining strategies and taking actions on their roadmap to grow online revenue. Helping brands, distributors, and retailers to successfully plan and implement an e-commerce marketing strategy. Store design optimization, digital marketing, campaign management, logistics and customer support are some of our main deliverables.

We take the tedious task of managing online stores out of brands’ way, so they can focus on what they do best; developing better products and services for their customers.

Business Models

For Sellers who want to keep full control of their product inventory, P&L strategy, customer service, fulfillment & warehousing.
We provide full-service frontend and backend support for e-stores on marketplace and social media.

For Sellers who are looking for an end-to-end distributor dedicated to online sales channels. This model is built optimizing the ecosystem of e-commerce leaders in Thailand.
We provide full-service frontend support. And we work on consignment stocking Seller product on 3P warehousing. Delivery, return and technology are provided by our partners. We take care about the partner efficiency. Our marketing experience aims to maximize ROAS.


Proudly worked with

SILKEN Asia aims to work with brands, retailers and distributors. We are proud to have worked with great brands, as their eCommerce parter. They are in good company: check out here more case studies of MOST 2414, the digital team behind SILKEN Asia.
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SILKEN Asia helps clients to activate digital transformation for e-commerce business. We define strategy and operations for online shopping experiences in Thailand. We design and manage shops on marketplaces, on clients' proprietary platforms and social media channels.

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